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New Products

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LCD Temperature controllers

VX series

- High visibility and convenient view with bright negative LCD
- High input accuracy and excellent control performance - Durable plastic key system
- Easy setup and maintenance with 5 keys
- Easy internal replacement by front without reconnecting terminal wires
- Multiple devices can be set in batch without separate input power with the loader  communication connection.
- Space saving with the 63 mm short body length

LCD Counter & Timers

LC series

- Wide viewing angle LCD and white backlight
- Pre-scale setting range expanded (from 0.00001 to 999999)
- Modbus communication function (RS485)
- Offset function for counter and timer

LCD Timers

LT series

- Bright and easy to view with the wide viewing angle LCD
- Time limit 1c, Instantaneous 1c + Time limit 1c,Time limit 2c, STAR + DELTA
- Minimum signal time selection (1 ms / 20 ms)
- Several time ranges (0.01 sec ~ 9999 hrs)
- Several operation modes (LT4: 7 operation modes, LT4S: 10 operation modes)
- One-shot output time setting (0.01 sec ~ 99.99 sec)
- Wide power specifications (24 – 240 V a.c 50/60 ㎐,24 – 240 V d.c. dual usage)

LCD Multi pulse meter


- Improved visibility with the wide viewing angle LCD and white display
- High-speed pulse measurement (50 K㎐)
- IP66 degree of protection

Control switch

DR series

- Ø16, Ø22 series
- 1a1b one-body type
- Long life with the bright LED light source
- Assembling type (actuator and contact part)

Intergrated Communication Program


TCS is an integrated communication program that can be used in combination with Hanyoung Nux measurement and control devices, like GR200 graphic recorders, or TD300, TD500, NP200, ML, TH300, TH500, VX temperature controllers.
This program supports individual and integrated communication functions
(however, please note that the monitoring data reliability may decrease depending on the quantity of the devices simultaneously connected when using the same communication protocol and speed)

Hoist switch

HY-P series

- Easy wiring and operation with the wire holder bending structure (15°)
- Solidity improved with the thicker high impact ABS resin, and anti-slip structure
- The wide internal wiring space makes wiring easier and more convenient
- Several new features on-demand (LED, volume, toggle switch)

General Purpose Photo Sensor

PB series

- 25.4mm standard mounting hole
- Hanyoung Nux new ASIC chip used (operation stability, long-distance detection)
- Built-in VR for sensitivity adjustment
- Convenient operation mode selection by VR
- You can check the presence of overload with the output short circuit notification function
- Excellent noise immunity and reduced disturbance of light influence
- Strong protection circuit